Mitchell Cheah | Mitchell Cheah gets wild card chance in Malaysia finale
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Mitchell Cheah gets wild card chance in Malaysia finale

Mitchell Cheah will be on the grid of the 2019 World Touring Car Cup finale as a wild card as part of a driver talent programme of the Sepang International Circuit organisation.

“In emulating the success of MotoGP, Malaysian participation is key to the success of these events,” said Razlan Razali, CEO, Sepang International Circuit.

“Therefore, we have been developing talent from our Malaysian Touring Car category in which we discovered Mitchell Cheah, who won the TCR South East Asia Championship last year.”


Cheah is set for the TCR Germany series this year. It has not been confirmed for which team he will race in the German series or the WTCR finale, but he will most likely continue for Team Engstler that he raced for last year.

“We will continue to develop him in the TCR Germany this year and get him prepared for a wildcard entry for the Sepang race in December,” said Razali.

“I am confident that these fantastic world championship events with our local driver and riders will be a strong attraction and will pull the ever enthusiastic Malaysian motorsports fans and fans from all over world to Sepang Circuit and Malaysia.”